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District History

District History

District History


On the 16 July 1999 Colin Fisher was appointed as District Commisioner. He served until 1 July 2004 and oversaw the creation of the new District of Central Norfolk in 2003.


Following the major county wide reorganisation of Norfolk in June 2003 which saw the number of Districts reduced from 15 to 9, Central Norfolk was formed out of Fakenham District (38/10) to the north and a large portion of Mid Norfolk district 38/12) to the south . It has formed a very large rural district with coastal frontage to the North Sea along its northern boundary . Its principal settlements
are Fakenham and Dereham.
The district badge design features two elements, a gold lion and brown stag inside a rope circle with a mid green background to the lower half and sky blue to the top half and the district name ‘CENTRAL’ in black lettering at the top. The lion and rope circle do of course represent principal elements from the old Fakenham badge whilst the stag is taken from the Mid –Norfolk badge thereby reflecting the merging of the two districts which go to make up Central Norfolk. The design was produced following a district competition won by David Mitchell, Alice Sergison and Gavin Lowe with their combined efforts being developed by Great Yarmouth College.


On the 1st July 2004 Carol Goodbody was appointed District Commisioner.


Richard Green appointed as DC.

During his time as DC Richard noticed that the district didn’t appear to have a recognised scarf. His predecessor Carol Goodbody wore the Gilwell scarf. After some research he found in a copy of the district directory and there was one and it was listed as plain emerald green, this was taken from the Rover Scout Section when the District was Mid-Norfolk. So the District returned to using a green scarf.


On the 16 July 2016 Lee Anderton take on the role of acting District Commissioner to then on 27 October 2016 he appointed to the role full time.
Upon taking on the role of DC Lee looked again at the scarf. He identified the scarf belonged to the old District Rover Scarf. In consultation with David Webster he redesigned the scarf making the main scarf red and added a green and yellow boarder to recognise the old scarf. They also added a campfire logo which was also part of the rover scarf.


On 10 April 19, Simon Lonsdale was appointed at District Commissioner.

Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
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